Trouble with Air and Magic,  Book View Café, February 2013

The Irish Duchess, Book View Café, November 2012

The English Heiress, Book View Café, July 2012

Lure of Song and Magic, Sourcebooks, January 2012

Evil Genius, Bookcafe, March 2010

The Devilish Montague, Signet, July 2010

The Wicked Wyckerly, Signet, July 6, 2010

Mystic Warrior, Signet Eclipse, July 2009

Mystic Rider, Signet Eclipse, July 2008

Mystic Guardian, Signet Eclipse, July 3 2007

Sweet Home Carolina, Ballantine Ivy Books, February 2007

Magic Man, Signet Eclipse, July 2006

Small Town Girl. Ballantine Ivy Books, February 2006

Much Ado About Magic, Signet Eclipse, July 2005

"Feed Your Head" in Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred, Triskelion Publishing, April 2005

"Home is Where the Heart Is" in The Journey Home, Ima Jinn Books, 2005

California Girl, Ballantine/Ivy, Dec 28, 2004

This Magic Moment, Signet, Aug, 2004

Carolina Girl, Ballantine/Ivy,  Feb, 2004

The Trouble with Magic, Signet, Aug, 2003

Mad Maria's Daughter, double regency reissue, March 2003

McCloud's Woman, Ivy Books, March, 2003

Must Be Magic, Signet, August, 2002

Almost Perfect, Ivy Books, March, 2002

All a Woman Wants, Signet, June, 2001

Nobody’s Angel, Ivy Books, February, 2001

Merely Magic, Signet August, 2000

Impossible Dreams, Ivy Books March, 2000

"Friends Are Forever", (Novella in A Country Christmas) Onyx November, 1999

Volcano, Fawcett Gold Medal August, 1999

"Fathers and Daughters" (Novella in Captured Hearts), Topaz February, 1999

Blue Clouds, Fawcett Gold Medal September, 1998

Garden of Dreams, Fawcett Gold Medal Ballantine February, 1998

The Marquess, Topaz December, 1997

Wayward Angel,  Topaz February, 1997

Denim and Lace,  Topaz July, 1996

Paper Moon , Topaz March, 1996

Paper Tiger,  Topaz October, 1995

"A Golden Crocus" (Novella in Blossoms), Signet April, 1995

Paper Roses, Topaz March, 1995

"Keeping the Fire Hot" (Novella in Secrets of the Heart) Topaz December, 1994

The Genuine Article,  Signet Regency December, 1994

Texas Lily, Topaz July, 1994

"Friends Are Forever" (Novella in A Country Christmas), Signet November, 1993

"Midnight Lovers" (Novella in Moonlight Lovers), Signet September, 1993

Moonlight and Memories

Shelter from the Storm, Onyx March, 1993

"Christmas Angel" (Novella in A Victorian Christmas), Signet November, 1992

Devil's Lady, Onyx September, 1992

"Deceiving Appearances" (Novella in Full Moon Magic), Signet September, 1992

Artful Deceptions,  Signet Regency August, 1992

Mad Maria's Daughter,  Signet Regency April, 1992

Touched By Magic,  Onyx March, 1992

Rebel Dreams,  Onyx September, 1991

"Fathers and Daughters" (Novella in A Regency Valentine), Signet February, 1991

Moon Dreams, Onyx January, 1991

Love Forever After, Onyx May, 1990

Cheyenne's Lady, Onyx December, 1989

"The Kissing Bough" (Novella in A Regency Christmas), Signet November, 1989

Lord Rogue, Onyx January, 1989

Silver Enchantress, Onyx July, 1988Indigo Moon, Signet February, 1988

Love Betrayed, Onyx February, 1997

Lady Sorceress, Signet June, 1985

Moonlight Mistress, Zebra July, 1985

Love's First Surrender, Zebra February, 1984

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