Mystic Guardian


Mystic Guardian

Coming in July

Mystic Guardian

by Patricia Rice

first book in the the Mystic Isle series


“Master storyteller”* Patricia Rice bewitched her readers with her Magic series.  Now she conjures the mystic isle of Aelynn…

Somewhere off the coast of France, a sun-kissed island lies hidden from discovery. For centuries, the people of Aelynn have used their magical abilities to protect a sacred chalice.  But when a beautiful maiden from the outside world inadvertently takes the chalice, she sets in motion dangerous and far-reaching consequences…

Trystan l’Enforcer is Aelynn’s powerful guardian. His duty is to enforce the magical shield that safeguards his island kingdom.  Loyal and ambitious, Trystan intends to marry a woman whose family will help him guarantee the isle’s Isolation.  But when a sultry beauty washes up on his shore, his plans take a confounding turn.  For she stirs in him a carnal hunger that risks everything he is and must be. Now he must work with her to recover Aelynn’s most sacred object—before the chaotic forces unleashed by the chalice’s disappearance lead to devastating destruction.

Ms. Rice with a … flair for subtle touches of humor and clever dialogue draws the reader into this magical, mystical and sensual paranormal historical romance.  ---Joan Hammond, Romantic Times Book Review

A fine, fresh series kickoff, Rice's latest is passionate, rich in historical detail and peopled with enough captivating secondary characters to pique readers' curiosity for many volumes to come.  Publishers Weekly

“Rice has a magical touch for creating fascinating plots, delicious romance, and delightful characters.”  --Booklist

*Teresa Medeiros

MYSTIC GUARDIAN   Mystic Isle Series Book One   Patricia Rice   Signet Eclipse   ISBN: 0-451-22169-9   July 2007   Paranormal  

Mariel St. Just is more than she appears. She has the ability to swim with the dolphins for she is a mermaid. No one in her home knows of her secret, for she hides it and thinks of herself as a freak of nature. She is burdened by her inability to provide food for her family and town. Before her motherʼs death, she had prophesied that a golden god would save the village in a time of great famine and danger. The god arrives, only he had no plans to even stop in her village, much less save it. So Mariel does what she can and follows the godʼs ship.  

Trystan l'Enforcer is the guardian of the unknown world of Aelynn. He uses his power to protect the island from discovery. He and his people are forbidden to use their skills to help others not of their world. But he quickly learns that the outside world has repercussions on his world, whether he likes it or not. When Mariel washes up on the shores of his home, he is immediately drawn to protect her. He has no idea why, and does not want to accept that she is his mate according to the laws of Aelynn. But before he and Mariel can say their vows, she has stolen away and returned to her home. But before she left she managed to take a sacred object that may lead to destruction. Trystan is left with no choice except to follow Mariel and bring her back or he will be banished from his home.    

Patricia Rice has crafted a new world in her Mystic Isle tale. MYSTIC GUARDIAN will enchant readers.  Trystan and Mariel are equally paired, as both are stubborn and hardheaded. Opposites may attract, but equals seem to produce the most chaotic and romantic love. The next book in this series is MYSTIC RIDER, which will be available in the summer of 2008.   Reviewed by Lori Sears Rating: 4

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